Interior Decorating for the Way You Live

Whether you need a complete redesign, or just want to refresh or rearrange, Orsini Interiors can help. 


Certified Interior Decorator, Raquel Orsini, decorates in all styles, traditional to modern, based on her clients’ individual tastes and preferences.  She ensures the finished room is personal, feels lived in and reflects how the space is used day to day.

From walls & flooring, to storage & organization, to furniture, lighting & accessories, Orsini Interiors can help you re-invent your space. Contact Raquel today to set up a free initial consultation.

Raquel’s Design Philosophy


Interior design and decorating doesn’t have to be scary. But with so many selections to make, and countless decisions about the best use or placement of your cherished items, it can certainly seem that way.

Raquel helps replace the “daunting” with “fun.” She guides her clients through the process step by step, helping make the interior decorating experience more of an adventure in learning how to translate what they love into how they live. She helps them learn to recognize their own style, then designs a space that is truly them.

According to Raquel, "I treat each design as if I’m a set decorator for a film, creating a space that tells the story of the customer’s life."

The end result is a finished space that is beautiful and functional, not just a magazine cut-out to be looked at but not experienced.

Helpful Decorating Hints

Organized bookshelves

When accessorizing bookshelves, remember to organize books by shape, color and type.  Vary vertical and horizontal placement and leave “white space” for accessory items such as decorative boxes, family photos or small paintings. Your shelves will add to your decor and avoid the tendency to appear cluttered.

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“Raquel took things I love and highlighted them with window treatments and finishing touches she added. My living and dining rooms feel brand new!”  
—  Shirley F.